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Learnership Tracking Tool Offer



Learnership Tracking Tool or Learner Management System

      1. Learnership Tracking, for Qualifications and Unit Standards.
      2. Learner Tracking of record keeping and personal information.
      3. Track Learnership Training, Assessment & Moderation Records for Learnerships.
      4. Assist with general SETA reporting on Learnership Progress.
      5. Assist with SARS reporting for TAX rebates through our Learnership Tracking Tool.
      6. Assist with BEE Verification visits with regards to Learnership Tracking Reports.
      7. Easy accessible, general operation including backup process.
      8. Able to customize to specific needs – unlimited Learnerships and Courses.
      9. Instant bulk email to enrolled learners for a specific course – learnerships.
      10. Instant bulk SMS to enrolled learners for a specific course – learnerships.
      11. Bulk SMS rates starting from 35cents per SMS – bulk rates apply.
      12. Learnership Tracking that is a very secure product and mobile.
      13. Learnership Tracking available 24/7, 365 day’s a year.
      14. Very user friendly and easy to implement.
      15. No software required, just internet access to our website.
      16. Support Desk based in South Africa for our online Learnership Tracking Tool.

More detail regarding this project including support and a discussion forum will also be made available on our forum

Learnership Tracking is aimed as a simple and user friendly learner tracking system targeted for individual project managers, small and large training centres including NGO’s to track the progress of their learnerships.

More detail about our Learnership Tracking Tool:


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